ScanMarine is your perfect interior partner when it comes to refit, conversion or refurbishment of any sort of interior areas on a vessel. We have experience from all sorts of refit works all over the world, and can be an asset at any stage of the project; from design & concept development, scope definition, detailed design, material delivery to the onboard installation.


Refit projects are often done within short time frames, with limited documentation available and at various locations. Thereby experience, agility, and a good planning and logistic process has been a key success factor for ScanMarine. As the work is performed onboard and sometimes while the ship is in operation a good cooperation with the shipowner’s crew onboard is extremely important. Please contact us about case stories of extremely complex project which we have delivered during short dockings or while the ship is in operation. 


In larger projects, usually the ship’s technical systems and even structural parts need modification. ScanMarine have the required experience and resources to handle all the works involved related to:

  • Insulation
  • HVAC System
  • Piping
  • Electrical Systems
  • Steel Modifications


Having an experienced interior company involved early when planning, developing and scoping a project can help you find more cost-effective and better solutions. This can help you avoid issues in the building process and operation, saving you money and time.